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Mix Form and Function with Decorative Wine Cabinets

The epitome of elegance, wine brings a touch of class to every home and gathering. Storing the wine is normally done in wine cabinets. Whether you are a collector with dozens of bottles to display or a hostess looking for a way to present a single bottle of wine, there are many wine cabinets available to choose from.

Traditional wine cabinets are usually made of a rich wood with an elegant finish. Often fashioned of oak or walnut, these elegant wine cabinets sit in the corner of a room, quietly holding their bottles of wine and waiting to be noticed. Well suited to a room decorated with quiet beauty, wood wine cabinets fit in with nearly any type of decor, and most hold many wine bottles. For those seeking a simple yet elegant solution to displaying their wine, traditional wine cabinets are the best choice.

Second in simplicity to the traditional wood wine cabinets is the wire rack. Often made of bronze or brass, a wire rack takes up less space visually due to the lighter feel of the metal. When filled with bottles, the rack becomes secondary to the wine and does little to add or detract from the decor. One advantage that wire wine racks have over wooden wine cabinets is their weight when empty. An empty wire rack is easy to move from room to room while wooden wine cabinets are solidly built.

A more decorative option is to choose a scroll wine rack to display bottles. Also frequently of bronze or painted metal, these racks are generally smaller and invite attention. Some are designed to hold only a few bottles and sit on a table or sideboard. Other table-top wine racks are available and might be used to present wine for a non-formal dinner.

Single bottle displays are also available and make a good choice for a gift. These tend to be whimsical and are used during casual dinners and other fun events. Most are designed to hold open bottles of wine and sit on the table. Simply remove the wine from the more traditional wine cabinets and place it in the single holder for dinner or an evening glass of wine.