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Window Curtains and Blinds

The windows of the home are usually the most prominent feature and the one that everyone remembers. There are many approaches to creating an attractive window dressing, and each adds a different feel to the room. Panels, sets and horizontal or vertical blinds can be combined in many ways to create the look that is most suited to the character of the room. When selecting curtains and blinds, consider both design and function before making a decision.

Curtains are a traditional approach to dressing a window, but there are many different styles. Single panels can be hung alone for a simple look, dressed with a valance for a touch of elegance or draped with a swag for a softer appearance. Create depth by layering solid curtains over translucent sheers or a contrasting solid panel. Adjacent windows can be dressed as one unit with several curtains hung from a single rod.

Choose curtains made of thicker material to add a layer of thermal protection to the window or to minimize brightness. Sheers alone create an airy effect and maximize light entering the room. Thicker valances are an elegant complement to curtains or sheers, and patterned valances can add a wonderful splash of excitement to a room full of solid colors.

Blinds are another popular choice and come in an array of colors and materials. As with sheers, curtains can be layered over lightweight blinds to create depth. Heavier blinds can be used to control the amount of light in a room while lighter fabric blinds add a touch of color to the walls. Adjacent windows can be dressed with individual blinds and curtains hung to cover the entire area, making two separate looks for the room depending on how the curtains are set.

Frequently used on glass doors, vertical blinds are also an attractive choice for windows. They provide a more contemporary look and are very easy to keep clean. Options include wood slats, brightly colored synthetic materials or textile-covered slats. Vertical blinds often come with a valance but can also be enhanced by adding a coordinating swag or even curtains to create texture. These blinds can be set within a window frame, much as horizontal blinds are used, or hung as a full window cover in the manner of traditional curtains.

The right curtains or blinds from the elegant Bombay collections can complete your room's decor. Window textiles create the perfect accent for your home, no matter if the desired look is classic or casual.

Window Curtains and Drapes
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