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Wall Accents

Wall decor defines a home. What you place on your walls makes a huge difference in the overall theme of your furnishings. You can tie in new colors, draw the eye, fill in empty spots or just provide more interesting pieces to show off your style. Bombay Company has a ton of different wall accents to satisfy your every design need, whether you like metal wall art, something delicate and floral, or something functional and decorative.

Classically Beautiful
Blue and white decorative vases, plates and accents offer antique yet colorful decor ideas for any room. We offer a set of scroll wall cases and vining wall vases that show off a unique design and quality painting.

Floral Accents
For bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting areas, floral wall accents provide an earthy and natural atmosphere. Bombay offers ceramic flower wall decor, jeweled metal decor, gorgeous landscape prints, floral wood designs, ivory flower panels and much more.

Function and Design
If you are looking for something that can go on your wall and also provides storage, display space or entertainment, we have a variety of different golf ball galleries, photo frames, cabinets, candleholders, wall hooks and more.

Whether hanging or just decorative metal wall art, mirrors provide a beautiful addition and function to any room. If you have a small room, mirrors provide a sense of expansive space. Bombay offers all types of decorative mirrors, from wood framed to floral designs and more.

Our designers hand selected a variety of different clocks to include in the current selection. From the eccentric to the classic and modern styles, you will find all types of clocks to hang in your home or office.

Wall Art and Prints
Fine art and artistic prints really add a touch of interest and spectacular design to any room, hallway, office or bathroom. It is important to have a variety of different wall art in your home to make it more interesting and liven up dark spaces as well. You can find all sorts of beautiful art prints and wall art pieces at Bombay Company.

Bombay offers all types of gorgeous and refined wall accents as part of its latest collection. Check back for newer additions and more clearance items every day.