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Textiles at The Bombay Company

The Bombay Company offers an extensive variety of high quality textiles, catering to a variety of taste in home decor. With a collection of numerous versatile textiles including rugs, pillows, curtains, sheets and blankets to choose from, textiles are available in several styles, colors and price points. The ideal textiles for almost any home and decorating scheme stand among our collections.

Rugs are versatile textiles that work for nearly any room in your home. Textiles of this nature can be think and plush or simple and woven. The Bombay Luxe line encompasses a wonderful collection of tastefully majestic tufted shag rugs. They are available in four warm, naturalistic colors. These rugs are highly textured and can be up to two inches tall, so they work well in any situation where a wool or fur rug might do the same. For instance, textured rugs would add a nice touch in front of a fireplace or television. They also make for comfortable bedside rugs.

Also offered are a number of patterned rug designs, including the Fret and Suzani lines. The Fret rugs draw influences from classic geometric designs in Greek textiles and come in several colors. The Suzani rugs are inspired by fine Persian carpets and were designed with visual texture and contrast in mind. Larger rugs would serve well as accents to a living or dining room, especially in the presence of glass furniture that would provide a visual contrast. Smaller rugs are ideal textiles for bathrooms and hall or foyer areas.

Pillows are another versatile textile, and they are often constructed from cotton and polyester, including luxurious cotton velvet. Their colors and patterns can be tasteful and versatile, including items of white silk and quality brick red cotton to dress up any bed. Naturalistic colors like brown or dark green provide contrast to richer fabrics and curtains or darker wall colors.

The Bombay Company took the greatest care to make its textiles excellent in style and comfort. No matter if rug textiles are needed to complete a kitchen decor or textiles like pillows to complete a bedding set, these are versatile pieces for any home.