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Storage Accents

Bombay Company provides a range of storage accents. Whether looking for something decorative, all-function or just unique, Bombay has a range of wine cabinets, decorative storage backs, displays, photo frames, memory boxes, jewelry armoires, men's mahogany storage boxes and other accents. With class and function, these storage accents can easily redefine or tie in with your living space.

From book ends to golf ball galleries and photo collages, there are all types of decorative and storage accents that can bring an office space together. Bombay has a variety of different tabletop, shelf and wall accents for photos, books, business cards and desk accessory organizers.

Decorative Storage Boxes
Around the home, there are all types of items floating around that you probably wish had their place. Now, you can use the studded, embroidered cream boxes or faux book stack boxes to brighten up your space and add some necessary storage to your home. We also have a variety of decorative box sets, jewelry boxes, putter golf boxes and more.

Display Accents
Decorative accents that speak to your home's theme and add an element of surprise or beauty are just as wonderful as having a built-in washer and dryer. We offer beautiful wall hooks, plate racks, platter stands, gold plate racks, picture easels, memory boxes and much more.

Photo Frames and Memory Boxes
Keepsakes are what make a home or office cozy and comfortable. You can bring these beautiful memories together with a memory box or photo frame from Bombay Company.

Men's Accents
Whether your taste is adventurous or refined, Bombay has a variety of different home and office accents that will provide a unique flair to any man cave.

Jewelry Boxes and More
You can never have enough pretty things or too many pretty boxes to store them. Bombay offers a taste of refinement and unique beauty with each jewelry box and armoire. Whether you are looking for a beaded jewelry box, a tall jewelry armoire or glamour mirrored keepsake box. You can find all of these precious storage items at Bombay Company.

With tasteful accents, you can bring any room together and fill in those empty spots with something truly extraordinary from Bombay.