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Anyone who is looking to jazz up their dining room or entertainment space needs new elegant glass stemware and drinkware for the home. At the Bombay Company, our glass sets have a delightful vintage flair, and our stemware is perfect for everything from a dinner with friends to a romantic evening in. The regular drinkware offered is perfect for making a round of gin and tonics after a long day.

The fine stemware is made of pressed glass, a technique that has been used since the 1820s. A plunger is used to press the glass into a patterned mold, creating beautiful designs that will never go out of style. Pressed glass stemware is just as lovely and classic as crystal and is of good quality. The blue and white stemware and drinkware we offer is reminiscent of the French toile linen cloth that depicts pastoral scenes. Choose to match the tumblers and goblets with dinnerware, or use two sets in complementary colors to provide a coordinated look for your table.

The goblet stemware features a petal design at the bottom of the goblet and a scroll design at the top, evoking a relaxed yet classical style. Featuring a broad foot, the goblet is available in both clear and blue pressed glass. The goblets are sold in sets of four and are dishwasher safe, which is a testament to their durability.

Aside from the stemware selection, we also offer pressed glass tumblers. Available in both blue and clear pressed glass, these tumblers are the perfect vessel for a mixed drink. The tumblers feature a fleur de lis pattern around the top of the glass and a petal design around the base. As with all of the stemware and drinkware we offer, these tumblers are sold in sets of four.

When it comes to purchasing stemware, drinkware, and glass sets, fine pressed glass will always be a good choice for the discerning buyer. The stemware and glass sets that are provided here at the Bombay Company can be wonderful gifts for any holiday, birthday, or any other occasion and will add elegance to your family dinners.