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Rugs for Interior Design

How to Tie an Entire Room Together

Gorgeous rugs can really tie spaces together. Sometimes, it’s the one thing missing from an otherwise awesome looking space. It can bring color, texture and vitality to any room. Carpets are available in a variety of different colors, prints and textures. There is a rug to fit nearly any type of space. Carpets are one of the easiest decorating tools for designers and homeowners to utilize. Interior design problems can be easily fixed with the addition of carpets.

Prints and Patterns

Printed rugs are great for rooms that need spicing up. A printed rug can draw the eye to the center of a great space. Geometric patterns are perfect for rooms with more modern design elements. Soft paisleys and floral prints look fabulous in spaces with more feminine accents. Oriental and Moroccan designs are perfect for the office, living space or guest room.

Solid Colors

Nothing brightens up a room like a loudly colored area rug. Bright orange and red rugs are perfect for spaces that need a splash of color. There’s no need to paint the entire room yellow. Brightly colored rugs are the best way to add color to any space. They take only a few moments to roll out, and there’s no need to get covered in paint. White or lighter-colored spaces may also look fantastic with beige, off white or cream-colored rugs. Designers and decorators may also want to use bold, black rugs for white spaces.

Different Textures

Rugs offer more than just interesting design patterns and colors. They also provide a variety of textural options. Tightly woven rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas. They’re easy to clean, and they don’t trap a lot of dirt. Soft, plushy rugs are great for bedrooms. They are the perfect choice for any space with cold tile or painted concrete floors. Different textures can also add interesting elements of design. A plush area rug can easily soften an otherwise harsh-looking room. In addition, tightly knitted rugs can bring a more sophisticated feel to a relaxed space.