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Turn Up Your Room's Wow Factor With Pillow Pizzazz

Pillows can be your best friend when it comes to updating the look of a room or making a quick change to a decorating theme. Throw pillows also add a big punch of color and texture for a small price.

Use throw pillows to add vibrancy and textural interest to your room. If you start with neutral choices for your furniture, floor and wall coverings, a variety of pillows in a color theme adds a splash of color.

Change your decorative pillows to suit your frame of mind or the season. If you have a selection of pillows in different colors, sizes and textures, it’s easy to transform your room’s mood and temperature instantly. A change in drapes, throws and wall decor also heightens the effect. Browse around your home to repurpose decorating items to a new location.

Choose a smaller number of large cushions for a cleaner look. Loads of small pillows can make the area look messy and overcrowded. Pick a color theme and stick with variations within that theme. Too many colors are visually confusing. Unless you’re going for the gypsy or bohemian look, it’s hard to pull off a kaleidoscope of colors in one space. If you’re having trouble selecting a limited palette of colors, take a cue from artwork, fabrics or other decorating items in the room. You chose those items because their colors are appealing, so pick a subset of your favorites for your accent pillow colors.

Mix up your decorator pillows with a variety of textures, shapes and sizes for added visual interest. Choose silk, velvet and coarsely woven fabrics, or add embroidered or tapestry designs for an elegant touch. Different shapes draw the eye, so an oblong rectangle or a round bolster is a good way to add a focal point to a couch or chair.

Pillows don’t need to match. Variations of print, hue and size add interest to your vignette. Subtle changes in color and texture add to the richness of the arrangement.

Adding pillows successfully to your decor is simple, provided you use a few basic concepts that will give your room a professionally decorated look.