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Mirrors: Three Enlightening Uses

Are you looking for mirrors to add a luxurious finishing touch to your home, retail space or office? Mirrors are an exquisite way to invite depth, warmth and style to a living environment. In company with simple wood-frame wall mirrors, trendsetters are currently drawn to larger artistic wall hangings with contemporary designs. However, a singular oval mirror that hangs in a hallway is not the only type of mirror the modern shopper is looking for.

Have you ever wondered why mirrors are so popular as an interior decorating tool? The response many designers give is that mirrors are an excellent way to make a small room look larger. They also provide a way to add more light to a room with few windows. These theories work best when there are several large mirrors in the room, and mirrors do not need to be large or plain in order to create an impact. Instead, you can add personality to a space when you choose an ornamental framed mirror that ties the decorations in a room together.

Expanding your ideas of what a mirror can be
Throughout the history of mirrors, there have been two types of uses: decorative and practical. Over the past 100 years, these two trends have merged into a common trend toward a practical reflective mirror with a highly decorated frame, and recent trends have shown that the mirror can be used solely as a background. For example, mirrors can be layered behind a super-imposing material to create a paneled look. Tiny mirrors can be used in a star-burst pattern on top of metal to give the sparkling appearance of glitter.

A popular unique bedroom mirror
There are a few types of mirrors that tend to get overlooked at larger department stores, and a good example is the classic cheval mirror. The cheval mirror reached new heights of popularity in the 1800s because of new shipping options available due to the invention of the train. For this reason, a cheval mirror in a modern bedroom tends to remind the viewer of Industrial Revolution elegance. While a cheval mirror may be difficult to find in big box retail stores, it is a classic in clothing stores, tailor shops and bedrooms. This mirror is distinguished by its ability to be tilted toward the viewer, and it is one of the key ways to turn an ordinary bedroom into a sanctuary.

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