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Fashion and Function in Men’s Decorative Accents

Men’s accents for home and office decor range from useful to intriguing, providing a variety of design and material choices to add just the right decorative touch to an area. Accessories for men featured at Bombay include both fashion and function, allowing for the expression of personal interests and affinities while providing a sense of sophistication. High-quality materials combine with exceptional craftsmanship to create men’s accents that will draw attention without distracting.

Bookends and vanity boxes are among some of the most useful men’s accents available, providing the ability to organize or maintain a personal space at work or at home. Perfect for the lawyer or the sales representative, vanity boxes are ideal for keeping small odds and ends within easy reach. Watch winder cases are unique men’s accents for maintenance and image, facilitating the upkeep of a self-winding watch when it's not in use.

Recreational men’s accents and accessories are great for bedside use or at-the-office inspiration. The tactile man may need some motion to get creative juices going, and mens accents like marble solitaire games or an armillary are perfect for facilitating this need. Look for unique games, unusual shapes and exceptional materials to add a sense of professionalism.

Figurines allow for personal preferences to be expressed through men’s accents like sailboats or golf putter boxes. These are outstanding conversation starters when meeting with new clients. They are also great for producing a dimensional emphasis to complement wall decor. These men’s accessories are available in a wide variety of themes.

Functional tools that are crafted from sophisticated materials are some of the most intriguing men’s accents available. Letter openers, for example, provide easy management of mail and materials in an office setting. Magnifying glasses allow for enhanced vision when small print presents a problem.

Men’s accents work perfectly as special occasion gifts. Whether it's a housewarming party or a big promotion, the right men’s accents and accessories for the occasion can provide a token that will add depth or fun to the individual's personal space. Consider needs and personality in choosing materials that will complement the recipient's home or office.