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Lighting Creates Inviting Spaces that Complement Signature Decor

Fine lines of furniture and signature decorating styles require fine ambient lighting to match room colors and design themes, create inviting living spaces, and serve as conversation pieces or focal points. Lamps not only serve as terrific room focal points but also help to showcase other fine furniture, artwork or room accessories. We choose the finest moderately scaled lamps that complement contemporary and traditional decorating schemes.

Each opulent piece that we offer provides a unique geometric shape, warm neutral colors, precise accents and superior materials that include ceramics, glass, poly resins, silverplate, acrylic, metals and others. Shade fabrics include cotton, textured polyester, signature blends and screen prints on woven polyester. If you are thinking about remodeling or updating the look of a room, lamps offer an extraordinary way to spark some drama, set a mood, complement room decor and provide softer lighting for general illumination and task lighting.

Lamps and lighting fixtures traditionally fulfill three purposes in the home: ambient, task and accent lighting. Lamps enable creative decorators to layer these three tasks and achieve multiple benefits from their investments.

Ambient Lighting

Bright illumination makes it easier to handle specific tasks such as working on arts and crafts, creating home workstations or offering additional light for reading, studying or relaxed grooming.

Task Lighting

You can tour your home to assess priorities such as rooms that need brighter lights, hallways that need illumination for dark corners or areas where you want the option to change or adjust lights without moving from your seat.

Accent Lighting

All great decorating plans have one thing in common: a distinct focal point. Our table lamps provide sleek, sharp and focused designs that serve as focal points in their own right or help to add star power to other pieces in the room.

Lamps bring an astonishing level of detail, exquisite shapes and focused lighting to all areas of your home for discriminating decorators. Our signature products blend old and new designs seamlessly to deliver fashionable benefits for today's lifestyles. Add a touch of elegance to any room by introducing a decorative lamp.