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Accents & Decor

Bombay Company is a prestigious furniture retailer that sells everything from living furniture, to bedroom furniture, to desks and accents. Accent furniture is one of the distinguishing features of any home decor. With just a touch of flair, unique design and creative inspiration, you can drew the eye and fill in the empty spots in your home's interior.

Bombay offers home accents for all rooms and themes. Decorative accents can be delightful, but you will also find all types of storage and keepsake accents in our selections as well.

Storage Accents
Whether you are looking for decorative storage boxes, photo frames, jewelry storage or just an office cabinet, we provide a variety of different accents for each room of your home and office. These rich accents are made from high-quality textiles and wood, such as mahogany and silk.

Decorative Accents
When you need something beautiful to lighten up a space, or you are tired of empty shelves, decorative accents can really tie a room together. Bombay has a variety of clocks, character tables, collectives, entertainment fixtures, games, candleholders, decorative plates, and blue and white fixtures for your home.

Area rugs make or break a room. Our selection of bright, high-quality rugs can really bring a room together. Textiles like bedding and window fixtures are also important for your home. We have a variety of four-piece comforter sets, sheet sets, pillows and more. Our panel curtains absolutely bring a room together while also providing a cool atmosphere.

When you are looking for a home accent like decorative plates, little knickknacks, centerpieces, candy dishes or some type of beautiful garnish for your table or counter top, Bombay offers a ton of different blue and white vintage and modern plates, bowls, mugs, canisters, glasses and much more. Home decor really comes alive with a variety of different details.

You do not have to be in the dark any longer. Bombay sells high-quality lamps in all types of styles, whether you are looking for a vintage lamp or something more modern. These make gorgeous additions to any home.

The home accent is just one aspect of beautiful decor. Bombay provides all types of accents, whether you are looking for something with function or just delightfully decorative.