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Dinnerware from The Bombay Company

Every kitchen and dining room needs a few specific items in order to look stunning. Well-matched dinnerware subtly but dramatically affects the way a room feels. Dinnerware is available that caters to almost every taste in design and color. A variety of pieces ranging from plates and saucers to drinking glasses and shakers for salt and pepper are available to suit any decor and complete the look of your dining area.

Three broad styles define the dinnerware collection at the Bombay Company: Asian Garden, a classic and authentic blue and white stencil traced china pattern that is made of fine white porcelain; the Regency collection, a Victorian style menagerie composed of tough stoneware ceramic that includes carefully arranged baroque shell designs; and the Tile collection, which is a more modern take on blue and white china patterning and is perfect for dinner parties.

All three styles of dinnerware were designed with stylistic versatility, aesthetic appeal and durability in mind. Whether you are looking for a new complete set of dinnerware or to augment an existing one, our beautiful dinnerware should have a place in your home. Both the Regency and Asian Garden collections include all the necessary items for a complete dinner while the Tile collection includes dessert plates, teapots and serving dishes for hors d'oeuvres and tea.

The Asian Garden collection is an exemplar of traditional fine china patterns and materials. The set incorporates a distinct intricate pattern of leaves and flowers on each different piece, resulting in a stunning dinnerware collection that is as pleasing to look at as it is to use.

The Regency collection incorporates robust, modern stoneware ceramics and gorgeously detailed baroque shell patterns. Our Regency dinnerware draws inspiration from classic, reserved Victorian tastes. All of the pieces in the Regency collection are lightly antiqued in order to imbue them with a soft, vintage appearance.

The Tile collection applies more contemporary design elements to porcelain dinnerware. The line is typified by ornate china patterns and luxurious presentation. It includes a three tiered serving dish, various teapots and even specialized dishes for tea and dessert.

No matter your aesthetic preference, stunning dinnerware exemplifies careful design choices and quality materials. Your own dining room could be vastly improved at little cost simply by choosing the right pieces. Properly matched dinnerware and tea sets can accent a well-decorated room and make it feel more complete.