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Stunning Accent Furniture from Bombay Company

From elegant, classically designed wine bars to side tables that are bursting with personality, the dining accent furniture choices at Bombay Company includes something for everyone.

Tea Carts

Whether they're used for storage or display purposes, tea carts are a beautiful addition to your dining accent furniture. The Avery tea cart is made of hand-forged metal and looks simply gorgeous with its cherry veneer service trays. Caster wheels allow this delicate yet durable cart to move freely throughout your home. Place it alongside one of our wine bars or another piece of dining accent furniture for a look that's truly striking.

Side Tables

If you've ever dreamed of having a butler that blends in seamlessly with your dining accent furniture, take a look at the Henri the butler side table. Henri stands at 36 inches tall and is made of medium density fiberboard with a hand-painted finish. Giving Henri a run for his money is the Brigitte side table, another delightful piece that's sure to have guests gushing over your taste in dining accent furniture.

Wine Racks

With its winding, serpentine design and elegant iron metal structure, the Scroll wine rack is one-of-a-kind. The tiny scroll leaves placed throughout this wine rack add character and make it a remarkably unique piece of dining accent furniture. The Aiken wine bar has an opposite but equally stunning effect, with its sturdy, rectangular shape and dark walnut finish giving it an air of nobility.

Side Boards

The Hamburg side board cabinet has a stately, timeless appearance that is sure to make guests wonder if it's an antique. Four rectangular drawers made of wild wood and period drawer pulls are positively eye-catching, and the rich mahogany finish makes this a piece of dining accent furniture that's not easily missed. The Herman sideboard chest is yet another addition to your dining accent furniture that will turn heads, with its lustrous walnut finish and dark trim complementing its opulent appearance.

The dining accent furniture here at Bombay Company ranges from luxurious to laid-back and everything in between. Take a look at our collection of tea carts, wine racks, side boards and more to find that special piece you're looking for.