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Decorative Accents

Using carefully chosen decorative accents is an excellent way to provide your home with a unique ambiance. Many people believe that home decor items are merely knickknacks, wall hangings and family photographs, but there are many more ways to incorporate delightful design elements into your indoor living space. For instance, decorative clocks both fulfill a needed function as well as add an aesthetic appeal. Another way to use decorative accents for a dual purpose is to stack decorative storage boxes on shelves, on the floor and on top of bureaus. They will provide you with household storage space as well as infuse the room with eye-appealing decorative accents.

Classic games can also provide your living space with the decorative accents that make it unique, comfortable and pleasant. An attractive set of Chinese Checkers set in antique mahogany wood makes an excellent addition to a corner of your great room or as a centerpiece for a small seating area on an upstairs landing.

Traditional blue and white ceramic ware has long been used as decorative accents in homes where good taste is the determining factor in decor. Vases, decorative plates, teapots and even salt and pepper shakers can be purchased in charming blue and white hues that complement any household color scheme. Blue and white potpourri holders can be filled with aromatic dried herbs and flowers and placed anywhere in the home where you need decorative accents that pull double duty as pleasing air fresheners.

Candle holders also provide decorative accents and can easily be found in a variety of attractive designs and colors. Character side tables are another great way to add decorative accents to your living space that will keep your guests commenting on your originality and cleverness.

Keep in mind that decorative accents need not be only those items whose only function is to present an attractive and interesting appearance to household residents and guests. The best decorative accents also serve other functions. Why have plain salt and pepper shakers, for instance, when you can have some that feature an elegant blue and white floral motif or are shaped like cute chickens?

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