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Bombay Collections Offer a Themed Decor for the Home

From a collection of blue and white decorative vases and jars to a set of whimsical statues, Bombay's decor collections beautify and bring a touch of class to any home. These decor collections blend traditional accent pieces with the modern to create a home which is truly unique.

Decor collections are an opportunity to decorate a home with a touch of the exotic. Each piece in the Elephant collection is designed to bring cheer and good luck to a home with freestanding statues and side tables. The Essentials Boxes decor collection comes in a variety of colors, with beautiful patterns and ample storage space. Each comes in a set of three that can be used together or in different rooms to unify them with a single theme.

The decor sets the mood of the room. This is especially true in a man's room, and the Men's decor collection has the perfect accents to bring a touch of class to a man's space. A high quality sailboat replica model is sure to be met with nods of approval from any guest. The Men's decor collection also includes antique gold horse statues and bookends as well as an eight ball lidded box and other small accent pieces.

Decorative collections can be used in the whole room's design or as strategic accents. A bedroom can have a Warton metal bronzed bed as its centerpiece along with a bronze night stand to compliment it. Alternatively, a black and walnut Caicos storage chest can perfectly set off a living space. Whatever the theme of the home, decor collections from Bombay provides luxury accent pieces to improve the ambiance.

These types of accent pieces can beautify the exterior of the home as well. A set of three palm plaques are made of iron metal and antiqued in tropical green, bringing a feel of the tropics to any patio or sunroom. An assortment of floral candle holders adds a dash of color and light for an evening sitting on the porch, watching the sunset.

Adding any piece from Bombay's decor collections to a home adds the sense of adventure of an explorer who has traveled the world and brought home only the most exotic and beautiful pieces. Whether it is a set of tealight holders, bookends or a simple table accent piece, each comes with an aura of luxury.