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Decorative character tables

Creating a whimsical note to a room is easy when using a character side table. These charming conversation pieces are both functional and attractive, adding fun to a home. Character tables come in several heights and can be used as just decoration or as a convenient table for drinks and dips at a party. Many character tables feature a figure holding a tray, and the trays held by the characters are large enough to carry a book or hold a newspaper. The characters themselves are quite sturdy and delightfully styled.

A tuxedoed frog will fit right in to a casual dining area, and gentlemen will appreciate the assistance of elegantly attired female character tables in the den or game room or perhaps a stately butler to hold the glasses during the party. A charming character table near the vanity may be just the thing to assist madame in choosing her jewelry for the day.

Character tables are even more fun when used in unexpected ways. Imagine setting your reading glasses onto a playful elephant before you retire for the night or having a hound mind the watch until it is time to get up. Set a small elephant outside the spare room to offer guests the morning paper or a cup of coffee. Set one by the front door for keys and mail or to hold a lunch bag to keep it from being forgotten.

Character tables are small enough that they can be tucked into a corner when not in use, but they make lovely holders for trailing plants or decorative baskets. Even a scarf can be draped over a butler's arm to change his appearance. The smaller elephant character tables work perfectly as a base for a tall vase of flowers or dried arrangements. Flank a door with a pair of elephants to create a surprising entryway, or place character tables along a hall for a convenient place to set things down.

A character table can be the center of attention or almost invisible depending on where it’s placed and the style of the room. Attractive and handy, these tables often work their way into the hearts of their owners, becoming a favorite piece that makes its way into every party.