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Blue and White Porcelain Creates Classic Charm

One of the hottest new decorating trends uses Asian and Dutch-inspired blue and white porcelain as the base of a classy but charming style. The history of this porcelain extends back to the ancient Middle East where deep blue pigments were mined and painted on white china. This technique was later perfected in Asia and used for centuries before being imitated in 18th century Europe. These days, blue and white porcelain creates a clean, pretty style that gives any room an easy sophistication. Suitable for both formal or more casual styles, blue and white porcelain platters, dishes, teapots and vases and go with almost anything. Here, you will find a huge selection of gorgeous blue and white porcelain that will enhance almost any decor.

This category includes blue and white dishes for everyday use as well as special occasions. A dining table covered with blue and white dishes looks simple, fresh and beautiful. You'll also find purely decorative blue and white porcelain items. Our blue and white porcelain balls look great arranged on a mantel or in the middle of a dining table.

If you're having trouble choosing a gift, consider blue and white porcelain. Like any great gift, it is both useful and luxurious. Our adorable blue and white porcelain teapots can adorn a country kitchen or a shelf in a formal dining room. A blue and white porcelain platter will be the center of a family dinner tradition for years to come, and a set of blue and white cups for tea or coffee will bring a smile with every use. Your favorite flower lover will adore a blue and white vase that will complement the brightest bouquets.

If you are planning a wedding, putting blue and white porcelain on your registry makes a lot of sense. Your guests will have a huge variety of gifts to choose from, but they will all coordinate. Imagine a kitchen decorated with our blue and white cans or canisters for your coffee, flour and other staples. Our cheery blue and white porcelain frog or rooster teapot will wake you up every morning with a smile.