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Coffee Tables Offer Both Style and Practicality

Regardless of the style in which a home is decorated, there is a coffee table that is appropriate. Whether chosen primarily for design, elegance, practicality or size, coffee tables are a great addition to the living room or den. Traditional wooden coffee tables suit most homes and come in a variety of light and dark stains. Before selecting a coffee table, carefully measure the area and consider the expected use and traffic in the room.

A conversational combination of a few chairs and loveseats is often enhanced by adding a low, round or oblong coffee table that is accessible to everyone in the group. A lower shelf holds coasters and magazines for casual get-togethers, or a cloth or vinyl cover can be used to protect the table during a busier gathering. Round coffee tables are also ideal for high traffic areas or homes with small children. Round or oblong coffee tables look very elegant and dress up a room when placed correctly. Matching end tables situated at the ends of the sofa are an excellent choice for completing the set and can be used for holding a lamp or other lighting. Some include a lower shelf for magazines or decorative pieces.

Square and rectangular coffee tables are easier to fit and most provide a homier feel to a room although some are beautifully styled and belie the practical aspect of ordinary square furniture. A lower shelf holds books and other items a user might want to have in reach. Smaller, taller tables, sometimes referred to as end tables, fit nicely at the ends of sofas or between chairs and are often used as lamp tables or for additional book storage.

To get more usage from a coffee table, choose one that is designed to have storage. Coffee tables that reflect old steamer trunks in their look can be opened to reveal magazine or even toy storage space. The interiors are often built with removable shelving or drawers to provide wider storage options. Smaller, ottoman style coffee tables are the perfect size to hold a throw or pillow and can also be used as seating.

Coffee tables provide both function and elegance and can complete a room's decor. Bombay has the perfect accent table for any home and color scheme.