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Clocks are a unique accent to any home. A combination of functional and attractive, clocks can be a decorative way to light up a room. Each clock has its own personality and is able to complete the room’s decor in its own way. Whether looking for an artistic touch or something more understated, a clock can easily become a center of attention.

Having a working clock in the home is a great way to keep track of time. No matter what design is chosen as an accent, the clock will still provide a reminder of the current time. Ticks can either be silent or louder, depending on your preference. For those who are concerned with being late or have a strict schedule, just seeing the clock on the wall or table can remind them that there is somewhere they need to be.

Tabletop clocks can help create a sophisticated look as they accent a shelf or end table. Available in both lightweight and heavy designs, tabletop clocks are easy to move around. Elegant designs sit gracefully on a bare table or shelf while more elaborate designs can easily find a home on a work desk. The smaller size makes them very easy to fit into a current room layout.

Decorative wall clocks are an excellent addition to a home’s decor because they immediately catch the eye. Larger designs can cover up an otherwise plain wall, making it seem more interesting. The comforting ticks can help a person keep track of time as they sit and socialize in a relaxed room. Best of all, they can still be moved easily despite their larger size. These clocks only require a hook to hang on, so moving them to a new wall during a remodel or move isn't difficult.

Several types of clocks are available to help complete any room. Classic Claudette-style clocks that sit happily above a mantle and larger antique wall clocks that help to bring out other decor in the room both have their benefits. With both rustic and modern designs, clocks can easily become the highlight of any room.