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The Elegance of Storage Chests

Elegantly carved chests have graced homes for centuries with lovely forms that complement their function. Traditional chests of drawers are more than storage space although their generous proportions are meant for holding clothing and linens. A pair of English-styled chests stained in tones of rich cognac add an ideal accent to the traditional bedroom while an Oriental design works just as beautifully in a contemporary decorating scheme. Chests of drawers are usually considered personal storage, but their convenience and styling make them perfect for any room.

Storage cabinets allow for more versatility as their profiles are usually designed with less depth than traditional chests of drawers. The sensuous lines of a mahogany bombe chest topped with marble fill the corner of a room with a decidedly French flair, and its drawers can hold anything from stationery collections to soft throws for the couch. Larger versions of these storage chests might be styled with simpler lines and greater height to hold china and silverware in the dining room. Special touches like chevron paneling and antique finishes turn these cabinets into lovely accent pieces.

The dimensions of a room can dictate storage space and make smaller chests a better choice. However, even a two-drawer side chest can become an exciting focal point. Mirror paneling and an antique black finish turn a diminutive storage unit into a dramatic addition for the home or office. Perfectly round pulls set against warm tones of walnut bring a classic touch to the little side chest while it quietly performs its storage duties. These are the chests that catch keys in the entryway or store supplies in the office with equal grace.

Beautiful storage chests are more than convenient caches. They become treasures that serve the office or household with a special style. An sleek ebony side cabinet designed with black glass doors turns into a familiar friend at the office. That warm walnut two-door chest with its extra shelving makes a perfect home media center.

These functional pieces of everyday furniture come in many styles and shapes. Regardless of their hues and profiles, well-designed chests always bring welcomed storage and timeless elegance to any decorating scheme.