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Home storage

There are numerous solutions to the problem of finding storage in the home. Chests and drawers designed for storing clothing can be purchased as furnishings, dual purpose pieces such as storage ottomans can be added to a room or decorative boxes and racks can be used as both an accent and a functional storage piece.

The Versatility of Home Storage

Nightstands and chests of drawers are usually the first choice when adding storage to a bedroom. More than a place for clothes, an elegant dresser makes a statement. Complete the look with matching nightstand. Although these pieces are frequently chosen first for their function and fit and second for their style, it is important to select furnishings that match the room.

Storage tables bridge the gap between decorative and functional, providing the right finish to a small entryway or hall while adding a drawer or shelf to be used as storage. Often the first piece seen when entering a house, the entryway table should be understated and welcoming.

Storage benches come in multiple designs and it may seem as if the storage capabilities were an afterthought. Storage ottomans are low, padded seats that open either from the top or sometimes as a drawer. These work nicely as extra seating or a comfortable footstool. Frequent entertainers will appreciate the roomier space in a bench that provides additional seating choices.

Smaller Pieces Can Be a Lively Addition to a Room

Decorative boxes are meant to be visually appealing as well as functional. Some, like jewelry boxes, have special drawers and cubbyholes that are for small objects. They look beautiful sitting atop a dresser or vanity. Collectors’ cabinets are built to hold specific items such as spoons or plates and are often displayed in a family room or den. Small storage boxes might be used for pens or reading glasses but are usually chosen for the decorative touch they add to a shelf. Canisters are frequently found in kitchens but add a whimsical touch to a formal room when scattered among books and knick-knacks on a shelf

Whether large or small, storage containers are a decorative note in any home. Choose the perfect design and color to add brightness to a corner or draw the eye to an area of the room.