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Styles and Uses of Candle Holders

Candle holders create a subtle touch of beauty and can be placed almost anywhere in a room. Select holders of different sizes and different shapes to add atmosphere to a variety of settings. Tea candles work well in clear or translucent holders while taller candles can be used in a variety of candle holders. Add beauty and functionality to your life simply by using decorative candle holders throughout the home.

Candle holders range from fun to elegant and can be used in a number of different settings. Each size and shape adds a distinctive note to the room in which it’s placed. When selecting candle holders consider not only the look with a candle, but also how attractive the holder will be in your home when not in use. An empty candle holder should be decorative as well as functional.

To enhance a coffee table or as an addition to a centerpiece, small candle holders are an ideal choice. Mix colorful holders with simple white flowers for an elegant look, or scatter small candle holders randomly across a table for a less traditional feel to the dinner. Another great use of small candle holders is a gentle light source on windowsills and bookshelves. Candles add softness and romance to even the most ordinary room.

Taller decorative candle holders work well as centerpieces for long tables when grouped in odd numbers at several places mixed with flower arrangements. Smaller tables can be decorated with a single grouping of holders in the center. Sideboards are an ideal location for candles when the dinner table is already full. Add drama and focus to a small gathering by using taller candles in holders in the center of the room. Mix sizes to achieve the full effect.

Candles in sconces evoke the romance of bygone eras. Add hanging candle holders to rooms where people gather, such as the dining room, to create ambiance and soft lighting. Outdoor living areas are another ideal location for hanging sconces and can be used only for lighting or to add scent to the air with citronella candles.

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