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Beds from the Bombay Company

Many people say that the bed is the single most important piece of furniture that a home can have, and with good reason. People spend nearly a third of their lives in bed sleeping and relaxing. In addition, beds usually dominate the bedroom both in floor space and visual area. Choosing the right one requires taking both comfort and appearances into consideration.

The factors that make a bed most comfortable vary from person to person. Height, size, and space underneath all impact how the bedroom feels. Size is the easiest factor to consider. Generally, taller people feel most comfortable in taller beds, and shorter people feel most comfortable in shorter beds. The size depends on the dimensions on the bedroom, whether one or two people will typically sleep on the bed, and how much the owner or owners like to spread themselves out at night.

The way that the bed looks in the bedroom also significantly affects how people feel about their beds because a well-decorated bedroom makes for happier owners. There are no hard and fast rules for bedroom style. The Bombay Company's selection of beds includes two different styles of frame: the Warton line and the Herning line. In addition to the two styles, this section also contains the Chilton upholstered headboard, which fits on both queen and full sized beds.

Warton beds consist of ornately worked bronzed iron. The metal construction ensures the beds' durability, and the bronze color is a universal tone that matches almost every ambiance. The Warton line also includes the Bombay Company's only twin bed. These bed frames require only light dusting with a lightly dampened or dry cloth as cleaning.

Herning bed frames are constructed from dense, dark hardwood and given a shiny mahogany finish. Their dark, reddish-brown tones and distinct grain make them suitable in most bedrooms and work well with both hardwood and carpeted floors. The Herning line includes a king size and a queen size frame.

Matching the Bombay Company's frames to your bedroom, consider the style of decoration in the room. A simple style of frame would fit a more plainly decorated room while an ornately styled room would do well with an ornately decorative bed.