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A Beautiful Bath for the Savvy Shopper

Creating a beautiful bath is really just a matter of selecting some great bathroom accessories. Choose from matching sets for a quick solution, or create a new look by coordinating colors and styles that complement each other. With the wide variety of bathroom décor available, no home needs to have dull baths.

A simple solution to brightening up a bath without trying to find multiple bathroom accessories is by using towel sets. Hang an ivory-toned bath towel over the bar as a base, and then add a splash of color by selecting washcloths and hand towels in the dominant color of your bath. Hang an ivory-toned shower curtain to complement a brightly colored bath rug to achieve a similar effect on a larger scale. Changing shower hooks is another easy way to alter the look of the bath without having to coordinate different bathroom accessories.

Many bathroom accessories come as sets, but purchasing the bathroom décor as separates allows for more creativity. Showcase a bar of handmade soap by placing it in a plain soap dish, or choose a bright trash can to add some whimsy to a plainly styled bathroom. Bathroom accessories are designed for one purpose, but don’t be afraid to put an item to a different use. Toothbrush holders can hold cotton-tipped applicators just as well, and a tumbler filled with colored bath beads makes a nice addition to a guest bath.

Bare walls are begging for bathroom accessories. Candleholders near a tub are great for ambiance, or use shower hooks to create a decorative array of towel holders. Simply attach the hook to the wall with a sturdy screw. An easier solution for towels or other bathroom accessories is to set a small side table in the bath. Use it for extra soap, tissues or bath salts. Other ideas for creative bathroom accessories include mirrors, decorative soaps and attractive jars on shelves.

Designing a new look with bathroom accessories is easier than most people think. Don’t be afraid to mix something unexpected with the more common bathroom accessories and make your bath completely your own.